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This website covers all forms of animation and depicts some of its lovely ladies as towering giantesses or shrinking the men they love most. If you have anything animated GTS you'd like to share, send me (Cubed Cinder) an e-mail or you can post your content to ACGTS, linked below. I don't really hunt for new pictures or stories these days, so if there's something you want on this site, your best chance is to make me aware of it.

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Pictures - See the giant girls in action!
- Ben 10: 1 from Riadorana
- Danny Phantom: 1 from Final7Darkness
- DC Comics: 1 from roodedude
- Digimon: 1 from Final7Darkness
- Equestria Girls: 1 from JZStudios
- Neon Genesis Evangelion: 1 from Final7Darkness
- Sailor Moon: 1 Pluto from roodedude
- Totally Spies!: 1 from VoyagerHawk87
- The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (other): 1 from Kruzer
- Working!! (other): 1 from EmBeRNaGa
- Dave the Barbarian (other): 1 from VoyagerHawk87
- Aeon Flux (other): 1 from VoyagerHawk87

Stories - Read all about the exciting adventures of the giant girls!

Where are these GTS? - From all around the world, the movies and TV shows of animation (and manga too) that bring on the giant girls!

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