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Crisis: Titan (COMIC made by Stardust Phantom) - Uploaded November 16, 2013 (11 pages)

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Titanic in Titans Tower (made by Jackurai)
Raven Stomps Out Crime (made by Jackurai)
Sibling Rivalry (made by Jackurai)





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Shrinkin' Raven.jpg


Titan with Mustard 1.jpg


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Titan with Mustard 3.jpg


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Love in Nevermore.jpg


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Unaware Raven 1.jpg


Unaware Raven 2.jpg


Unaware Raven 3.jpg


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Putting the Titan in Teen Titan.jpg


Love in Nevermore 6.jpg


Giant Starfire zaps Raven.jpg


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Raven Hoops Hooded.jpg


Raven Hoops Unhooded.jpg


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(Morphy McMorpherson)

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